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There is no substitute for time,
our experience has a
proven track-record.

Gerber Advisory Specialists

Gerber Advisory Specialists proudly associated member of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group SA is a multi-faceted private equity investment company, which has grown in trade and investment experience since 1920. The Group has a diverse portfolio of investments in which partners have the know-how, skills and experience to operate independently and successfully among the leaders in their respective fields. With an annual international turnover exceeding more than R24 billion, the characteristics that remain common to all Gerber Goldschmidt Group operations are the integrity of management, dedication to service and an entrepreneurial approach to business.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group’s, philosophy is to create and maintain long-term partnerships, with capable and experienced management partners and in turn provide financial, structural and managerial support to assist in the expansion of such businesses.

Gerber Goldschmidt Group

Gerber Advisory Specialists provides consulting and advisory services to South African companies seeking to optimise their business performance. This is achieved through streamlined business structures, mergers and acquisitions, optimum B-BBEE scorecard performance and so much more. We have worked hard over the years at building up extensive knowledge and expertise, making Gerber Advisory Specialists the perfect partner to rely on for your advisory needs.

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