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Sound B-BBEE consulting in gaining maximum and cost-effective points.

Gerber Advisory Specialists provide B-BBEE consulting and support solutions to benefit your organisation in obtaining maximum points contributing to your scorecard.

We take a personalised and involved B-BBEE consulting approach to actively managing your scorecard to ensure you get optimal value from your investment in B-BBEE compliance. We promote making informed and strategic decisions in this regard and add value through various scenario planning tools which reduces risk and uncertainty.

We have developed, tested and implemented various unique and cost-effective B-BBEE consulting solutions, which gave our clients the much-needed advantage in terms of their B-BBEE scorecard performance.

B-BBEE Consulting

Gerber Advisory Specialists have developed unique and cost-effective solutions which was specifically designed to address the requirements of the Enterprise and Supplier Development elements of the B-BBEE Scorecard. We perfected this within our own group of companies across various industries, giving us the insight and experience to offer it to our clients.

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