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A first class past or Wisdom through experience… our own.

Corporate Finance Investment

The Corporate Finance Investment division leverages off over 98 years of experience within the Gerber Goldschmidt Group.

This experience covers a broad range of industries, ranging from finance to trading and technology. Having managed the Gerber Goldschmidt Group portfolio of acquisitions for many years, our approach incorporates a deep understanding of the investment process. We are not just advisors, but we are also business owners across a diverse range of industries, giving us a real in-depth understanding of both our clients business, as well as their requirements.

Corporate Finance Investment

We have substantial international experience and expertise with group offices and investments around the world.

In addition to strong legal, accounting, tax and finance skills, we also have a deep understanding of empowerment structures – a fundamentally important skill set for mergers and acquisitions in South Africa.

The Gerber Advisory Specialists is a trusted advisor to small,
medium and large corporates in the Corporate Finance arena.

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